A Taste Of South Korean Street Food – Gangnam Style

Gangnam Street Food

Before we dive into our restaurant review for Gangnam Street Food, let’s quickly speak about what Gangnam is in the first place. Gangnam is a district of Seoul known for its lavish buildings, lifestyle, brands and entertainment scene. This upscale district represents the modern and rich neighborhoods of South Korea. However, when we look past the glitz and glam, dining in Gangnam can range from high-end fine dining to cheap eats on the street with a cold beer. This is where Gangnam Street Food draws its inspiration from combined with popular Korean menu items.

When I think about street food, I imagine the food to be quick, bite-size, and affordable! Gangnam Street Food offers just that for someone who’s looking to try a bunch of menu items all in one go. Although, I haven’t tasted everything quite yet, I ordered a few favorites.

Garlic Butter Mayo Fries ($7.50)

Garlic Butter Mayo Fries

These garlic fries were very tasty. The garlic flavour was subtle and not overpowering. The fries were tossed with bacon, green onions and drizzled in butter mayo. You get a mix of crispy and soft fries that are freshly made. Plus, the cut and thickness of the fries resemble McDonalds’s famous fries, which are my favourite!

Bulgogi Ramen ($7.95)

Bulgogi ramen

This was a substantial dish (maybe because I was so full by the time I got to it). However, the ramen dish was just okay. The ramen had instant noodles, bulgogi meat topped with green onions. The soup was tasty, however I would have liked it to be richer and spicier. To be honest, this dish is something I feel I can draw inspiration from and create it at home. If you’re on the go and looking for an inexpensive ramen rendition, I would recommend this.

DDuck Bo Kki ($6.50)

DDuck Bo Kki

This is a classic rice cake and fish cake combo with spicy sauce, most commonly found on the streets of South Korea. Dduck bo kki is a favourite for most people because it’s easy and delicious to eat. You can also find it available at most Korean restaurants under the appetizer section. I enjoy the chewy rice cakes and just how spicy it is!

Mozzarella Cheese Sausage ($6.50)

Mozzarella Cheese Sausage

Now for their more well-known menu item, we have the cheese dog! After watching a do it at home version on YouTube, I was having major cravings for this. This chubby crispy corn dog delight is what I need when I want some nice fried foods. Do be careful when you take your first bite, because it is hot (not spicy, but steamy). The only downside to this item is that I was expecting a nice cheese string when I pulled it apart, but as per the photo, it wasn’t the case. Otherwise, I would order again!

In the end, these four items filled me up and I was going into a food coma. You can also enjoy these lovely foods all across the city as they have four locations: K-mall, West Edmonton Mall, Londonderry Mall, and Kingsway Mall. I have yet to try the rest of the menu items so I’ll have to make a second trip!

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